Membership Guidelines

Arrive at rehearsals and concerts in enough time so that you, your chair, stand and instrument are set and ready. Lead time is 30 minutes before all concerts.

Keep music in alphabetical order.

Regularly attend rehearsals and concerts. If unable to attend a rehearsal/concert, let the director know.

Watch and listen to the director. Adjust your stand so you can see him while playing.

Minimize “in-section” chats during rehearsal.

Unless you have the musical director’s permission, you must attend the rehearsal before a concert.

Band Dress Codes
Formal Dress for Men:

Black jacket, black pants, white shirt and black bowtie, black socks and black shoes.

Formal Dress for Ladies:

Appropriate black dress/black pants/black skirt with black blouse, black shoes and black socks/stockings.

Informal Dress for all:

Burgundy Band Shirt, black pants/skirt with black socks/stockings and black shoes